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Hallmark picks Precision for Japanese restaurant
  time:2016/1/18 9:44:47

The dealer chose Precision to supply the refrigeration. However there was huge pressure on refrigerated storage space since the galley kitchen is so small.

“Everything is on show, front of house, so the equipment has to look good, while being slim enough to fit in to our galley,” explained Ashworth.

Therefore, several of the refrigerators came from Precision’s space-saver range, which are said to have a compact footprint.

They are stainless steel throughout and are designed to operate in ambient up to 43°C. All the appliances at Engawa are counters and are fitted with drawers rather than doors.

Precision also supplied several of the company’s variable temperature, individually refrigerated drawers. “The variable temperature gives us the flexibility we need to adjust the drawers to match the precise needs of the ingredients being stored, so they are kept at optimum freshness,” said Ashworth.

The drawers are double-stacked and are used as under-broiler counters – so several have cooking appliances mounted on top. This is designed to make best use of the site’s very limited space.


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