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Major manufacturers wash in new models
  time:2016/2/15 9:36:38

With various big announcements already out of the bag in 2016, Catering Insight is rounding up the very newest warewashing kit available for UK dealers to specify.

For instance, Meiko UK introduced several new products in February. The first is its UPster rack transport dishwashing range, with six basic models available.
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Throughput ranges from 95 to 250 racks per hour, and the machine entry height has increased to 508mm.

An integral heat recovery unit comes as standard on all models, meaning that direct ducting should not be required, only general room ventilation, providing that suitable air changes are available within the wash-up area.

The second development is new UPster U400, U500 and H500 front loading and pass through glass and dishwashing machines.

The UPster range introduces the new branding for Meiko’s Eco series front loading and pass through machines which include a new black facing sensor touch control panel, clear display panel, one-click buttons and a digital read-out of the wash and rinse water temperatures.

Double-walled thermal insulation on all models is designed to keep the heat in and minimises energy consumption.


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